LTWGA (Tuesday)

Lone Tree Women’s Golf Association(LTWGA) is an 18-hole league with play on Tuesday mornings from September through late April. The following information relates to the LTWGA Tuesday league.

*Dues for the year are $25. GHIN handicap fee is $50

*Start times vary depending on daylight hours.
In general:
September  7:00 a.m.     January    8:30 a.m.
October       7:30 a.m.     February  8:30 a.m.
November   8:30 a.m.     March       7:50 a.m.
December   8:30 a.m.     April          7:30 a.m.

*There are four tournaments throughout the year , while on all other dates there is a weekly game. Prizes are paid-out from the weekly $5 fee ( 4 for the prizes, 1 for the league). Additionally, Birdies and Chip-Ins are rewarded weekly from the “pot” of quarters collected from participants.
The LWTGA is a competitive but fun league. Bylaws allow up to a 35 handicap to be used for determination of contest and tournament winners. Presently there are approximately 25 active members in the league. The group includes winter residents as well as those who live in AZ year-round.

Interest or questions should be directed to Kathi Hall 206 713 3449.